Once you purchase the laser-sharp, intuitive cybersecurity solution offered by Webroot, you must deploy it properly for an unrelenting security cover. For this purpose, go to “webroot.com/safe” on your computer to complete a user-friendly process involving Activation, Webroot Download and Installation.


Get Webroot at “webroot.com/safe”

Launch Web Browser

In the very first place, you will need an Internet Browser for acquiring the software at “webroot.com/safe”. Therefore, launch a Browser that you prefer to use on your system. For example, you may get Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Mozilla, etc.

Access “webroot.com/safe”

After that, you must go to the required website for activating your subscription. In other words, locate the Browser’s Address Bar and click on it. Now, correctly type in “webroot.com/safe” in place of a URL. Then, go to your keyboard and press the “Enter” key.

Enter “Product Activation Key”

At “webroot.com/safe”, the very first thing that you notice is a brief overview to begin the installation process for your purchased Webroot product. Besides that, it prompts you to provide your “Product Activation Key” and “Email Address”.

“Product Activation Key” is the unique reference code that you get as a confirmation of your purchase. It includes 20 alphanumeric characters. In order to acquire it, check the “Purchase Confirmation Email” in case of online purchase. However, if you got it from an offline source. Then, it is printed on your “Retail Card” or “Installation Pack”. Subsequently, enter this code correctly.

In addition to that, you must provide a working Email Address that you can access. You will use it as a Username to access your “webroot.com/safe” account in future. After that, click “Next”.

Create Account At “webroot.com/safe”

The following window takes you through the process of creating your Webroot Account. Here, it seeks your “Profile Information”. In other words, you must enter the required details accurately as mentioned below.

  • Password: The very first thing that you need to provide is a unique and strong “Password”. It is essential for protecting your account from unauthorized access. Additionally, make sure that it conforms to the below-given criteria.
  1. It must contain at least 9 characters.
  2. Include a minimum of 6 alphabets and 3 numbers.
  3. You can also include special characters to increase its strength. 
  • Repeat Password: Now, confirm the “Password” by entering it again.
  • Personal Security Code: In order to secure your account with an additional layer of protection, you will need a “Personal Security Code”. Therefore, provide a unique, but easy to remember Code consisting of minimum 6 characters.
  • Security Question: Along with that, you will notice a drop-down box with a list of “Security Questions”. Hence, select any one of the available options for the purpose of Account Verification.
  • Security Answer: Thereafter, provide a relevant “Answer” in response to the selected Security Question.  

After providing all the required details correctly, you should click “Next” for establishing your Webroot Account at “webroot.com/safe”. In order to complete the account creation process, you must verify your Email Address. For this, you are sent a “Verification Email” on the Email Address given above. Therefore, log in to your Email Account. Then, search for the email sent by Webroot and open it. This email provides a Verification Link. Hence, click on it to “Verify your Email Address”.

Download Webroot

Once your Webroot Account is created and subscription is activated, proceed for downloading its Setup File. For this, open a new window of your Web Browser and go to “webroot.com”. Then, access its “Sign In” window by clicking on “My Account”. After that, correctly enter your Email Address and Password linked to your Webroot Account. Thereafter, click on the “Log In” button.

Now, access the “My Subscriptions” section of your Account. Here, you will get your purchased Webroot Product. Hence, click on the “Download” button beneath it. As a result, it will begin the download for its Setup File. Therefore, you will have to wait for it to complete properly.

Install Webroot

Finally, you must install the downloaded software on your system. For this, open the downloaded Setup File by double-clicking on it. Then, follow on-screen prompts for a successful installation.





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